Parting Friends

The developing of a friendship,
is sometimes a surprise.
It truly is isn’t valued,
until it’s time to say good-bye.

Then the times are thought about,
the good times and the bad.
The times of disagreement,
but more so, the times when we were glad.

Four years is not a lifetime,
but the Lord has blessed its growth.
It’s in His tender nurtured care,
sealed as an unspoken oath.

The time of closeness has come to an end,
it’s time for us to part.
But God has blessed me graciously,
He placed you in my heart.

He’s bound us together with unbreakable cord,
the cord of His precious love.
And the friendship we’ve developed,
is blessed from the Father above.

No matter where our service may lead,
in any storm or weather.
I thank the Lord Whose care we’re in,
because He’s brought us both together.


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