We Need a Union

A union meeting is called,
and all the animals were invited.
Whoever represented a holiday,
they needed to be united.

This would not be a simple task,
to get all the animals to agree.
When trying to elect the President,
the first animal in history.

Everyone wondered who it would be,
to be the leader of the pack.
They all felt qualified,
they all felt able, as a matter of fact.

The snowman was the first eliminated,
because of the summer heat.
He no longer had it together,
his head was now his feet.

The groundhog was the next to go,
he hid all winter through.
And if he happens to see his shadow,
six more weeks of winter do.

The leprechaun was the third,
to have to go away.
His pot of gold looked lovely,
yet never able to pay.

The robin was a snowbird,
every year traveling south.
He couldn’t answer questions,
with a beak & not a mouth.

The Easter bunny is a fraud,
he really doesn’t lay any eggs.
So we couldn’t have a phony in office,
and I see he has no legs.

The chicken and the cow have troubles of their own,
they are locked in a vicious battle.
Each wants the other extinct.
Can you imagine life without chicken & cattle?

Grandma got run over by a reindeer,
the reindeer took the test and failed.
After court with his attorney,
he’s now been permanently jailed.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,
had a nose that was very bright.
No one was able to get any sleep,
he kept everyone up all night.

Cupid flies all around,
shooting darts of love at everyone he sees.
And with all the people in the world,
he’s busier than a hive of bees.

Halloween has the black cat,
and I have something to keep him busy.
Going round and round in circles,
until he becomes so dizzy.

And what is making him this way?
Timothy the Church Mouse!
Running up and down,
and all through the house.

I tried to reason with Dominick the donkey,
but I couldn’t understand a word he said.
And listening to a donkey speak in Italian,
was too much for my head.

So that only leaves one man for the job,
and I happen to know him very well.
He received the Presidential pardon,
as time rang the midnight bell.

Down came the hammer,
bringing thunder and lightning.
The power and the new President,
uniting the animals, (that’s frightening!)


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