The Eyes

The eyes that see us as we are,
are eyes that see us from above.
Those eyes that look upon us,
are radiant with unlimited love.

The eyes are the windows to the soul,
which is the core of our very being.
The eyes that speak without a word,
and convey what people are seeing.

The eyes say more about us,
than our minds can comprehend.
They speak the feelings deep within,
that you don’t even tell a friend.

The eyes can’t hide,
what you feel in your heart.
It is quickly reflected,
in the eyes, part by part.

The eyes always produce the light,
that illuminates our body and soul.
And when that light is Jesus Christ,
the light shines bright and bold.

Jesus works from the inside out,
when He changes the heart of man.
He makes a man a brand new creature,
as only our Lord and Savior can.

Then our eyes show forth the love,
that Jesus has placed inside.
The love we use to be more like Him,
the One in Whom we abide.

Darkness diminished,
glorious light.
Eternal Son-shine,
no more Night.


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