An Ode to Football

Let me ask you a question,
what happened to football as a sport?
Now some of the players,
spend more time in court.

When we were kids,
football was lots of fun.
When the big kids chased you,
you had to be fast to outrun.

We played tackle,
on any type of ground.
Equipment didn’t matter,
as long as the ball was found.

Almost everyone had cuts and bruises,
no one really got away clean.
We never held a grudge for losing,
we just weren’t that mean.

Football was a winter game,
we played from morning ’til night.
And when we came to the end of the day,
it was forgotten as we turned off the light.

None of us were super stars,
and we only played for fun.
But every day, the team changed,
and it felt good when you won.

But with a little coaching,
who knows what might’ve been.
We may have done things better,
instead of taking it on the chin.

There was no Super Bowl when I was little,
but there was a championship game.
And whoever was the winner,
held their claim to fame.

But don’t get deflated,
call me on the cell.
If I can find the right phone,
I’ll answer and give you a yell.

Don’t get deflated,
call me at home.
I’ll answer if I’m not busy,
writing another poem.

Remember, don’t get deflated,
I’ll be home all day.
Watching two teams battle,
in San Francisco Bay.


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