A Call to Action: America in 2016 (Part 4)

Companion poem to A Call to Action: America in 2016 (Part 3).

Now that we’ve entered,
into a brand new year.
I pray for an abundance,
of mercy and cheer.

The world is changing,
and not for the better.
The issues of life,
make stormy weather.

The world is like a top,
spinning around and around.
Only in Jesus,
can peace be found.

Christians worldwide,
need to join forces and pray.
Because the world can’t change,
any other way.

God’s Word says,
“If My people would humble and pray,
I will heal this land,
this very day.”

God is able,
He faithful and true.
What He promises,
He will always do.

So when will God’s people,
gather in unity and pray.
Hear Sunday’s message,
and live it day to day.

Again, God’s Word says,
“He will pour out His Spirit,
on all flesh today,
if we continue to pray and commit.”

Prayer is important, not optional,
it’s our link to the Throne Room of Grace.
It’s powerful and worship,
it’s ever before God’s Face.

So raise a shout that will rock this world,
it’s time to gather, be humble and pray.
Wake all Christians worldwide,
and stand for Jesus Christ today.


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