A Call to Action: America in 2016 (Part 3)

Companion poem to A Call to Action: America in 2016 (Part 2).

When it comes to this point of life,
I know only One Who is Truth and Love.
I find it in Jesus Christ,
Who came from the Father above.

He is Comforter and Lamb of God,
He will bring about healing.
Only He can give peace,
that surpasses understanding.

In every facet of life,
God controls by His Word and Hand.
And if this country would listen,
God would heal this sinful land.

His promises are “Yea” and “Amen,”
always faithful, always true.
Just take time to repent,
and see what God will do.

He will never leave or forsake us,
He will always extend His Hand.
And if this nation would truly repent,
God would honor his Word and heal this land.

God has given us a free will,
and the choice is ours to make.
God is offering eternal life,
He wants us all to partake.

God doesn’t want anyone to perish,
and enter the fiery furnace of Hell.
Accept the Son, Jesus Christ,
and our will be sealed and well.

One final thought,
there is no other way.
The choice is yours,
make the right one today.

To be continued next week.


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