A Month Ending in 29

Six, twelve, eighteen, twenty-four,
do you know what these numbers are for?
Every year we lose a quarter,
and every year is a quarter day shorter.

And after four years are up,
we get to add our quarters up.
Our extra day is 2/29,
an extra day sounds just fine.

It is just a matter of hours,
that makes up twenty-nine.
Because the day only happens when,
every four years fall in line.

I never traced the mathematics,
to find out how really true.
I just came to accept it,
like others, me and you.

It always happens in an election year,
and I think I know why.
It gives us another day,
to separate the truth from a lie.

We get to hear them argue,
who should be President.
The extra day is to figure,
what they actually meant.

The extra day would be nice,
if we could use it to relax.
But this year, 2016,
is a work day, for a fact.

So an extra day of work,
does not make life any better.
Unless it’s used for family time,
and a day of beautiful weather.

If they would let me decide,
then it would only be fair.
Let people celebrate,
whatever way they care.

This day should actually become,
a holiday celebrated worldwide.
The entire world to stand for peace,
and be united, side by side.

One day every four years,
when the whole world could get along.
Forget about our selfish problems,
embrace the good, forget the wrong.

Maybe it would catch on,
being only one day long.
And all the world could sing,
“We are Family,” the song.


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