It’s Not About Me

Born into this world,
of turmoil & strife.
Not knowing,
wrong from right.

Learning by example,
of all that I see.
What really matters,
just seems to be me.

All I’ve been taught,
in school and out.
Point to one thing,
I am what it is about.

So now I’m ready,
to go out on my quest.
To fulfill my desires,
make my life the best.

Whatever it takes,
I’m ready to do.
My concern about me,
not about you.

As I begin the climb,
the ladder is steep.
If I miss a rung,
the floor will be deep.

The higher I climb,
the tougher it gets.
The pressure is greater,
and so are the depths.

Forge on I must,
for I’ve made a pledge.
But everything is pulling me,
over the edge.

I am ever so close,
I can see the top.
Stop pushing and shoving,
everybody stop!

It is empty and bare,
there is nothing here.
Lonely and dark,
with deathly fear.

Give me a moment,
to reflect and look back.
To see if by chance,
I am on the wrong track.

When I first started,
I asked the way.
Only two choices,
I remember the day.

Track one read,
“It’s all about me.”
Track two read,
“It’s not about me.”

I’ve made a mistake,
got on the wrong train.
Thought I knew it all,
the world to gain.

I’m often alone,
now the end is near.
Nowhere to turn,
to remove the fear.

I hear someone calling,
“Last call for track two!”
I’m here, I’m here,
but what must I do?

Surrender your life,
accept Jesus the Son.
And board the train,
be on the right one.

Choose early and right,
make Jesus your Lord.
Then you’ll be ready,
“Last call, all aboard!”


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