In Jesus’ Name

Love and peace are ours,
in Jesus’ name.
He is always faithful,
and every day the same.

He is everything we need,
and His promises always true.
He’ll never leave or forsake us,
the guarantee is for me and you.

His love never changes,
from day to day.
Jesus is always constant,
and we are never cast away.

His grace is unending,
and it is freely given.
Jesus is our only Provider,
call Him, He is never hidden.

He paid the ultimate sacrifice,
He works all things for the good.
He loves us so very much,
He paid all on a cross of wood.

Jesus paid what we could not,
and gave us freedom through grace.
And all He asks is relationship,
and one day we’ll get out of this place.

Our heavenly home is waiting,
that’s where we want to be.
And with Christ in our heart,
one day His face we’ll see.

So count your blessings,
day by day.
And thank the Father,
for opening the Way.


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