God is Able

Each and every year,
has hopes and aspirations.
And a wish for peace,
among all the nations.

Newly elected officials,
give promises of change.
But working on their own,
success would be very strange.

But we cannot put our trust in man,
they all work for their own plan.
They look for glory of the world,
but not through God and His vision for man.

The world will never see eye to eye,
and establish a lasting peace.
‘Cause man is a flaw, in himself,
and that will never cease.

But in this country, there is a chance,
for life to be a little different.
We have a chance to rediscover our roots,
let life settle down and be less turbulent.

With God, all things are possible,
life can take a turn for the better.
If we put our trust in God,
and support a Christian leader.

So you need to decide,
about how you want life to be.
You can remain in bondage,
or you can truly live free.

God is waiting,
the choice is yours to make.
His promises are “yea” and “amen,”
choose right, and we’ll enter His gate.


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