The Perfect Gift

What is really different,
from one year to another?
Everyone is a year older,
father, mother, sister, brother.

Gifts change in size and color,
wrapping paper changes too.
The gifts need to mature,
along with me and you.

In our preparation,
shopping is still a chore.
As we need the perfect gift,
and run from store to store.

And when we find the perfect gift,
that fits our special someone.
I guess we can finally say,
shopping is complete and done.

We shopped around and thought we had,
the perfect gift for this Christmas celebration.
Through all the stores and shopping malls,
we forgot the reason for the season.

It may be an ornament,
a prayer or a book.
Come a little closer to the tree,
open your heart and take a look.

Jesus came into the world,
so we could be free to live.
The Father gave the perfect Gift,
what more could he give?

If Jesus is the only Gift,
we have more than we could ever ask for.
Because He paid once for all,
we don’t need any more.


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