Jen 44

44 comes once in a lifetime,
and it’s to be cherished, as every birthday.
God has blessed all these years,
and it must be no other way.

I’m so glad we can celebrate,
and join in the festive fun.
Birthdays are so very special,
for each and every one.

Birthdays need to have fun and games,
prizes and candy and ice cream cake.
And good thing birthdays come once a year,
because all that celebration is hard to take.

As you reminisce of your younger years,
and see how much you’ve changed.
And realize as you grow,
life is constantly rearranged.

Your life is always improving,
as you grow, day by day.
So take some time and reflect on life,
or get away, you and Jay.

Again, I wish you happy birthday,
may all joy and happiness be yours.
And may all your presents,
be from the heart and score.


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