It’s Never Too Late

After 72 years of life,
you’d figure I have it all together.
Live my life to the fullest,
and ready to live forever.

Do I consider my life a success?
Not by any means.
Did I ever realize my potential?
I think only in my dreams.

But yet, I believe our potential,
can be reached by more than one event.
Not just because of our habits,
but situations that have come and went.

It’s never too late to change our life,
and push for our potential.
God wants us to invest in life,
put our purpose into actions, living intentional.

Without a vision, a man perishes,
with a vision, he has a future.
And God wants it bright and full,
as we use our talents and mature.

Everyone has their own,
God-given talent and ability.
To be used for Kingdom purposes,
bringing glory to God’s Majesty.

Our lives become more like Jesus,
as we pursue intentional living.
Just as Jesus lived on Earth,
we become more loving and giving.

Our life is lived to the fullest,
and the journey is continual.
then we can see the end result,
living to God’s potential.

And at the final judgment call,
when the life we lived is openly transparent.
We want to hear Jesus say,
“Well done, My good and faithful servant.”


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