Living in Christ

The same spirit that lives in Christ,
is the same spirit that lives in me.
It came at Pentecost in tongues of fire and power,
it’s part of the blessed Trinity.

God created each and every one of us,
filling each with talent and potential.
But we have our free will of choice,
to live out God’s given credentials.

In every facet of our life,
we never face more than we can bear.
And as a good father to his children,
God is always there.

We need to grow every day,
being fed, from milk to meat.
And on the rock we need to stand,
so one day, face to face in heaven we’ll meet.

God wants only the best for us,
and we are able to attain.
Because God has placed inside,
His power and His Name.

In growing you have to stretch for more,
be positive in what you go through.
Know the beginning and the end,
find good in everything that applies to you.

Do the right thing over and over again,
and the outcome maintains reliability.
You begin to maximize your growth,
you also empower your ability.


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