What Happened to Thor?

As we approach Thanksgiving,
I can’t help but think of Thor.
I remember the very first time,
he entered the courtroom door.

From being thrown to the floor,
and thrown in jail.
He had not a friend,
to free him with bail.

But with the last-minute plea,
to the President himself.
He received a pardon,
how good it felt!

He gathered all the holiday animals,
and formed a holiday union.
No animal was excluded,
even the despicable Minion.

He left his post in Turkey,
no longer an ambassador.
He needed a change of scenery,
he opened and entered a new door.

The FBI and CIA,
were looking for him at home.
He left his post in Turkey,
now he was all alone.

He knew that hiding was his only safety,
where he was was anyone’s guess.
Life was going along so well,
how did he end up in this mess?

He tried the power of his hammer,
but it didn’t have it’s usual effect.
Life just seemed to go downhill,
no matter what he tried to interject.

But finally he found his place to hide,
it wasn’t comfortable, but it saved his head.
He joined the wild turkeys,
right here in Riverhead.

At least for now, it was a plan,
’til he could come up with something better.
It was cold in the woods,
maybe someone could knit him a sweater.

He has a plan, but he has to wait,
until the new President takes office.
He’ll try for another pardon,
he has a million signatures, that should suffice.


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