Happy Birthday, Jay!

As leader of the pack,
you have a standard to uphold.
When it comes to my children,
you are considered old.

A sign of wisdom,
is having gray hair.
But when I look at you,
there is nothing there.

Jay might be on to something,
no hair to interfere with the brain.
No rerouting, turns, or stops,
like an express, locomotive train.

You must be wired differently,
to assemble without instructions.
You have a unique ability,
using the powers of deduction.

You’ve gained much knowledge,
in life’s many years.
By listening closely,
with an attentive ear.

You’re a son-(in-law) a dad can be proud of,
serving the Lord and serving others.
Always ready with a helping hand,
in a family of close knit brothers.

Family bonds are covenant in God’s sight,
and we know the importance of our word.
It’s a testimony of who we are,
what we speak and what is heard.

So in all and all,
I wish you happy birthday.
And may the Lord bless you,
in His own special way.


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