Coffee Can’t Perk You Up

Do you sometimes wake up feeling depressed,
and wonder why you got out of bed.
Not knowing why you feel this way,
and everything is spinning inside your head.

You think that maybe coffee,
if you make it strong, will perk you up.
Will somehow erase the fog,
but life is not found in a cup.

There are times in life’s journey,
when living life just doesn’t seem fair.
It seems so impossible to understand,
and so easy to say, “I just don’t care.”

But is life really so difficult,
such a burden for us to bear?
But are we looking through a fog,
and not seeing what’s really there?

The start of life came,
from God’s Word and Hand.
Everything that was made was made,
throughout this wonderful land.

God was in control,
from that very first day.
And after all of this time,
he still is in control today.

God knows our every need in life,
He knows the beginning from the end.
He is faithful, true, and forgiving,
He is more than our best friend.

He knows everything that we face,
and says His Grace is sufficient for us.
He’s given us talent and potential,
and we need to given him trust.

God wants us to have success,
and be the best we can be.
So don’t let depression hold you down,
God’s broken every chain and set us free.

So perk up and put a smile on your face,
let people see your Jesus glow.
It’s catchy and can change a life,
and cause the family of God to grow.


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