An Empty Bank

I deposit everything,
into my memory bank.
Along comes the thieves,
and take it all, to be quite frank.

Everything I deposit,
seems to count for loss.
I need better security,
but I can’t pay the cost.

Maybe you could help me,
try to work this out.
Because I’m losing more,
than I even know about.

My investments all go sour,
it’s a no-win situation.
Maybe it’s time for a change,
time to ask a different question.

I forget more than I remember,
I find it very easy to do.
But it’s not the way I want it to be,
I need to get hold of something new.

But what can I do to make it better?
I don’t believe it can be done.
Maybe a brain transplant might help,
but I can’t believe it would be fun.

A friend of mine says he has a way,
to fix the holes and plug the sieve.
It will give me a new start,
and teach me how to live.

He says if I come with him,
and listen to what his friend has to say.
Tomorrow will be very different,
it will start a brand-new day.

My mind can be put back together,
everything God intended it to be.
The chains that kept me bound,
will be broken and I’ll be set free.

I’m no longer making bad investments,
a relationship is all it took.
And every answer I’ll ever need,
is found within The Book.


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