Happy Birthday, Gale

This poem is dedicated to my wife, Gale, who turns 72 this year.

Happy Birthday is a time for cheer
As you celebrate another year
Friends and family all gather around
Where love and friendship are always found.

When you started your journey years ago
How many years you didn’t know
Whatever God has set in stone
These are the years we have on loan.

Life is full of many tasks
And each has the time it lasts
We celebrate getting older and wiser
We walk, ride a bike and then a driver.

Sometimes we’re happy sometimes sad
But life is good not all bad
God wants us not lost but found
But through life heaven bound.

So, enjoy this day and all it brings
Thanking the Lord the King of Kings
Look to the years yet to come
May they always be filled with joy and fun.

Many memories throughout the years
Some brought smiles some tears
But if I could do it all over again
I’d still want you my wife and friend.


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