He’s Always There

Keep a smile on your face even if you’re sad,
it will prevent the day from being all bad.
It will also prevent you when days at an end,
from being upset when you’re with a friend.

It will make the evening a more pleasurable time,
as you sit down to candlelit dinner & wine.
And afterwards, you’re filled with fun & delight,
as we pass away the rest of the night.

When you’re down in the dumps and feeling blue,
remember Jesus & I are there with you.
To help and encourage and brighten your day,
through love and prayer and the Son’s light ray.

So be of good cheer for the future is bright,
we have the Holy Spirit & Jesus, eternal life.
Rested assurance from Heaven above,
we are forever cradled in His precious love.

As we approach the edge of night,
fill your heart with pure delight.
For He’s seen you through the day,
kept you safe from all harm’s way.

So as we view night’s darkest hour,
we’ll still rest in His almighty power.
As we view the morning sun,
we’ll again remember the victories won.


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