Welcome to the World, Ella!

This poem is dedicated to my new granddaughter, Ella Vivian Goodman!

Welcome to this world,
there’s no turning back.
I know it was safe and cozy,
but now you join the grandchildren pack.

We prayed for you from when we heard,
and we will continue, now that you’re here.
You are a blessing & a surprise,
and a high point for this year.

The name Ella Vivian Goodman,
has such a pretty flow.
It will be a name remembered,
wherever you will go.

I know you’ll be a computer whiz,
by the time you reach age one.
Mommy & Jared will make sure,
that all is said and done.

Maybe your big brother,
can get you on TV.
He has some pull with people,
he’s kind of a celebrity.

May you always find God’s blessing,
in everything & everywhere.
May you always be protected,
and nurtured in His care.

Welcome to the world, Ella!


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