Knowing Where

Pastor, Rabbi, & Priest, all with a day off,
decided to go fishing that day.
They loaded the car with lunch and gear,
and before long, they were on their way.

They got to the dock and loaded the boat,
thinking they’d remembered everything.
They got the boat out onto the lake,
when the Pastor realized he forgot something.

He stepped out of the boat, and walked on water,
to the shore & to the car.
He walked on the water & returned to the boat,
which wasn’t really out that far.

Next, the Rabbi took his turn,
stepped out of the boat and walked on water.
He didn’t come back right away,
but he returned a little later.

The Priest was watching & was amazed,
with all the things he did see.
He figured it was God above,
so he figured it just had to be.

He figured after all, he’d give it a try,
and he told them he had to go.
He stepped out of the boat & sank to the bottom,
to the very depths below.

When he came back up to the top,
he asked why he couldn’t get to the car.
The Pastor & Rabbi said in unison,
“We never told you where the rocks are!”

Inspired by a common joke told in the public domain.


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