Easter 2016: The Son-Rise

Death is final,
for both you and I.
And people gather,
for a last good-bye.

But there is a future,
for us to hold.
And it leads us,
to streets of gold.

The price was paid,
and debt wiped clean.
The future enables us,
to hope and dream.

The grave is conquered,
the stone is rolled away.
In a tomb,
He did not stay.

He’s given us life,
what we couldn’t do.
Paid the price,
to make everything new.

He destroyed the bondage,
of death and hell.
And opened the door,
of our hopeless cell.

What more could we ask?
He has done it all!
We have a choice,
just answer His call.

He wants to live,
within our heart.
Clean out the junk,
and set us apart.

So invite Him in,
renew life today.
With Jesus in your heart,
you’ve now found the Way.

Open the hotel,
and give Him the keys.
He’ll clean every room,
and do it with ease.


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