Seventeen Verses

Eighteen is getting closer and closer,
and before you know it, twenty-one.
So enjoy each joyous birthday year,
while they are still fun.

Each birthday brings changes in life,
as we grow and mature.
Look to what the future holds,
and our heart in God, secure.

God is able to open many doors,
as our future is in His Hands.
And with our anchor secure in Him,
He is the Author of all our plans.

Already He has done much for you,
and the future holds so much more.
Your potential is unlimited,
with multiple blessings galore.

You’ve been allowed to celebrate,
in so many different places.
I wonder where your favorite was,
you’ve put us through the paces.

Massachusetts, Rhode Island,
Connecticut & Vermont.
All in one day’s time,
that’s a lot to visit and count.

We’ve been to many other states,
I couldn’t name them all.
But we’ve always had a great time,
whether we’re in the country or at a mall.

We’ve spent enough time playing golf,
the kind where you putt-putt all day long.
Sometimes you even get to win,
but mostly you just play along.

You get to do many do-overs,
which really aren’t fair.
Your score never reflects it so,
but I don’t really care.

Myrtle Beach was the territory for battle,
we’ve attacked that town twice a’round.
Golf courses were available everywhere,
but other things to do were found.

We had a storm which was quite unique,
it had its moments of joy, fear, and power.
The winds so strong, you couldn’t open the door,
and this went on for over an hour.

Grandma was banging on the door because,
it pulled her in to the hall.
Your mother and father were on the balcony,
watching the lightning and all.

They didn’t know ’til you and I,
arrived at the hotel room.
Grandma had been pulled in to the hall,
with a loud and thunderous boom.

The trip sure had its moments,
when you and Grandma were on the wrong floor.
317 instead of 417, with the door ajar,
the room was empty- could you ask for more?

Something is always bound to happen,
and it varies from year to year.
It always revolves around you,
and adds to your birthday cheer.

These times are never planned,
they just seem to come about.
But in the end, everything,
just seems to work out.

Just like this poem about you being 17,
your age and the number of verses.
So happy birthday again from all,
too bad birthdays don’t have reverses.


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