Happy 16th Anniversary!

Sixteen seems like a small number,
but what does it stand for?
It means the years of sharing life,
and a future of so much more.

As two people grow in the Lord,
and share their life together.
They grow and face every day,
no matter the storm or weather.

God blesses the family unit,
He designed it that way to be.
Structured by Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
God’s family, Blessed Trinity.

Father and Mother,
united for life.
God’s loving children,
as husband and wife.

Teaching their children,
to grow and see.
The blessings in store,
God wants them to be.

So with God’s love,
as our anchor and guide.
We surrender our life,
and let God decide.

May God bless you both,
in wisdom and truth.
And be examples as parents,
as God’s living proof!


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