The Spirit Living In Me

Inspired by the MercyMe song, “Greater.

The same Spirit that lives in Jesus,
is the Spirit living in me.
There is nothing I can’t do,
and nothing I can’t be.

I can do all things,
through Christ, Who strengthens me.
He has paid all of my debt,
and forever set me free.

I am the head,
and not the tail.
Jesus says, “Abide in Me,
and you will never fail.”

He is solid Rock,
on which I stand.
All other ground,
is sinking sand.

He is my Savior,
He’s ever so near.
He erases doubt,
and casts out fear.

He makes the darkness,
ever so bright.
And through Him,
I share the Light.

He makes me succeed,
and fills my destiny.
Because praise and worship,
are the heavenly key.

He forgives me daily,
and removes my sin.
And because of Jesus,
I am guaranteed to win.

So surrender your life,
and live in His love.
And one day, go Home,
to heaven above.


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