When Signed Below

The Fourth of July,
the start of our country.
The place everyone came,
that wanted to be free.

Rockets galore,
bombs bursting in air.
Rides and games,
at the county fair.

It lights up the sky,
a festive jubilee.
Sight and sound,
all for free.

Sometimes the sounds,
remind us of war.
And we get a chill,
down to our core.

Then we remember,
we’re home and free.
Let us celebrate,
my family and me.

Celebrate with family,
or do it alone.
But you must come,
you can’t stay home.

Celebrate a day of victory,
from a long, long time ago.
The Declaration of Independence,
freedom, when signed below.

Let us rejoice,
how God has blessed this land.
Let us return to roots,
we started and we’re able to understand.


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