Hearing God

God gives talent,
to each and every one.
To be used for glory,
and lead to His Son.

When God speaks to us,
we must have an attentive ear.
Because, through the Holy Spirit,
it’s a still, small Voice we hear.

When we spend the time with Him,
we only recognize God’s Voice.
Because time with God is so important,
it’s up to us to make that choice.

We must invest much time and prayer,
but not asking what we think we need.
The main point is getting to know our Father,
and grow what He planted inside- the Seed.

The more time we spend in our presence,
the better we will know and hear Him.
It will make our light so much brighter,
and never worry about growing dim.

If we want to follow Jesus,
we must listen carefully for His Voice.
When we hear, He knows us, and we follow,
but me must make that choice.

Jesus lived by what the Father Said and Did,
that’s the ministry to share with our brothers.
“Come to Me so I can be to you,
what I was in the past others.”

Without knowing God and hearing His Voice,
many of his promises are not ours to hold.
We must accept God and know God,
someday we’ll walk on streets of gold.

God is not known by our works,
but by reading, praying and listening.
Time spent in fellowship with God,
will bring us life everlasting.


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