Faithful portrait of our father,
trying always to do his best.
Spending daily time in prayer,
on behalf of the family, making requests.

Always on his knees before the Lord,
praying daily with kids in bed.
Then the prayer time, with his wife,
to rest in peace, with a clear head.

Teaching his children,
to trust and obey.
To have an anchor,
when they need to pray.

Holding out hope,
that they understand.
And one day to choose,
to live for the Promised Land.

Eternal values your father imparts,
seeds planted within the heart.
Watered and nurtured, one day to grow,
a holy life that is set apart.

Remain and abide in all God’s Love,
remember daily to seek God and pray.
The Lord knows our very needs,
and He supplies all, day by day.


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