Katherine Is Seven!

This poem is dedicated to my granddaughter Katherine, who turns 7 this week.

Little girls,
continue to grow.
Getting bigger,
from head to toe.

Daily, they change,
but we don’t always see.
And before you know it,
they’re smarter than we.

They grow up so different,
than we did in the past.
Celebrating a birthday,
seems to last and last.

Grades and school,
just come and go.
When we were in school,
it went sooooooo slow.

But as we celebrate,
each birthday with cheer.
We look to the future,
getting older each year.

But each and every year,
has its very own charm.
And on June 15th,
we’ll sound the alarm.

The special day,
is finally here.
Seven is the number,
God’s favorite, by year.

So may God bless you,
as you celebrate today.
With all of your family,
in your own special way.

Looking for a future bright,
Grandma & Grandpa enjoy watching you grow.
May God open doors of, “Yes!”
and close the doors of, “No!”

Happy Birthday, we love you,
let us pray.
That all is possible,
for you today.


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