A Woman Is God’s Gift

The beauty of a rose,
is something to behold.
It’s more radiant,
than refined gold.

For as a man travels,
through this part of life.
He needs his gift,
a godly wife.

She’s the compliment,
that makes a home.
For man wasn’t meant,
to be alone.

She is the hair,
that makes two a pair.
A partner for life,
to cherish and share.

She is your warrior,
as you face each day.
She is the faithful one,
who continues to pray.

Yet we need to join,
and pray together.
We may still face,
some stormy weather.

So find us, dear Lord,
in unity and prayer.
That we always remember,
we are in your care.

I don’t thank You enough,
for all that You do.
Lord, daily remind me,
to tell her, “I love you.”


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