Teach Me and Guide Me

Teach me and guide me,
that I would know Your ways.
Walk the straight and narrow,
all of my days.

Teach me to know you,
intimate, like father and son.
And the only Voice I would hear,
would be the Father’s One.

Teach me to walk,
in spirit and truth.
Trusting as I did,
as the child of my youth.

Teach me how to pray,
and when I need to listen.
The world has so many distractions,
and I fall, by my own admission.

Teach me to have a servant’s heart,
and look for the best in everyone.
Become more like Jesus,
and be the Father’s son.

Teach me to share words of Truth,
only the ones You Speak to me.
May those words of wisdom,
make powerful poetry.

Guide me by the Holy Spirit,
as I write what He Speaks to me.
May the words He writes here,
set many chained souls free.

So, Lord continue to speak,
and anoint the words put here.
May I never lose the Spirit,
always sense His presence near.


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