This poem is dedicated to my hard-working wife.

The day has come,
and you need to rest.
You can’t go on,
and be your best.

The days are short,
and the hours long.
And with that the case,
you can’t be strong.

So this weekend,
without question or doubt.
You’ll be able to relax,
that’s all you’ll be about.

I will care for everything,
including my best friend.*
If it’s the last thing I do,
and it may be the end.

I want you to be off,
rest a recoup.
Taking care of the kids and house,
has thrown you for a loop.

So sleep late in the morning
and I’ll do my best.
I’m sure I am capable,
to pass the test.

You need to rest,
with all that is coming up.
So sit back and relax,
with your coffee cup.

I’m able to do,
whatever needs to be done.
Just watch me,
it will be fun.

I’m your butler, chauffeur, and maid,
for whatever you need to do.
I’m at your beck and call,
just tell me, I’m here for you.

I love you!


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