Alive at 45

This poem is dedicated to my wife, in honor of our 45th anniversary.

Most couples never get,
to celebrate their 45th.
Even fewer yet have a chance,
to celebrate their 50th.

It takes work and faith in God,
it’s a milestone not many achieve.
But with God, all is possible,
if you have faith to believe.

It’s not an easy voyage,
there are many ups and downs.
The up times bring a smile,
and the down times bring frowns.

Even from the very start,
life becomes a season of change.
We no longer live for self,
but we need to rearrange.

We now live for each other,
as two try to become one.
A mix of many ingredients,
sprinkled with lots of fun.

Sometimes the mix is lacking,
it just doesn’t turn out right.
That’s when things go bad,
and causes us to fight.

I need to always remember,
that it’s not always about me.
I no longer live for self,
but live to make us happy.

The main ingredient is God,
and lot of times, I leave Him out.
It makes me really wonder,
all the times I had doubt.

But when I leave it in His Hands,
all things work out right.
The darkness fades away,
the future looks very bright.

538 months,
seems like forever.
It’s only been a long, long time,
to start to get it together.

I’m so happy, with God’s help,
I’m starting to get it right.
Drawn to safety from the stormy sea,
by the peace and calm of God’s light.

There’s so much more I’d like to write,
but the words elude me now.
I’m just so happy and so glad,
I kept my hands on the plow.

It won’t be another 45,
because it’s not the times of life.
But through it all, and all, and all,
I’m so glad you’re still my wife.

So happy anniversary to you my dear,
is what I’m trying to say.
I love you and thank God,
we’ve reached this special day.


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