Communion with God

On the day of Pentecost,
the Anointing fell from on High.
The Apostles burst forth in power,
no longer uttering their fearful sigh.

The day had finally arrived,
that Jesus spoke about.
The world was being turned upside down,
as the Holy Spirit was speaking out.

The Apostles now understood all parables,
knowledge came in like a flood.
Including the Last Supper,
when He offered His Body and Blood.

In John 6:66,
many of His followers turned away.
Yet the twelve Jesus called,
remained with Him that day.

Those that left couldn’t understand,
the spiritual value being taught.
They didn’t realize who Jesus was,
their time with Him was for naught.

We partake in His death and resurrection,
when His Body and Blood we share.
A reminder of all He’s done for us,
always faithful and always there.

Communion is having fellowship,
in remembrance of the Lord.
Sharing His Body and Blood,
bound with an unbreakable cord.

The remembrance brings us to the cross,
where Jesus suffered and died.
We are washed clean and set free,
by His precious blood applied.

We no longer belong to this world,
we’re renewed and set apart.
Our home is clean and swept,
that home is our new heart.

So listen to that still, small voice,
that speaks within our heart.
It’s the Holy Spirit speaking,
listen to what he imparts.


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