Does your family tree,
trace back to God?
If it is so,
give me a nod.

Are you planted by the stream?
Do your roots run deep?
Are you grounded in the Word?
Does your joy make you weep?

God is the only source,
for all of life on earth.
He is with us every moment,
even from our birth.

Are there precious souls,
throughout your family tree,
who faithfully prayed,
for the day you came to be?

Do you have a godly heritage,
that helps to carry you?
Are you also praying,
as your ancestors used to do?

Do you pray for future generations,
that are yet to come?
To strengthen your family tree,
with another godly one?

Does your tree bear much fruit,
but not the kind you eat?
It is fruit that fills your heart with love,
and helps you overcome defeat.

The Holy Spirit gives us fruit to bear,
and by it we are known.
And as we walk along through life,
we never walk alone.

So search your family to and fro,
every member of your tree.
Thank the ones that prayed for you,
and God who brought you to be.

Keep your roots running deep,
strengthen and watered day by day.
Your tree will grow and bear much fruit,
in God, since there is no other way!


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