Happy Birthday Sammy!

This poem is dedicated to my grandson, Samuel.

God’s blessing for you I pray,
my love for you will never let go.
Another year older today,
Happy Birthday, I echo & echo.

You’ve gone through so much,
in one year of living.
Praying always for God’s touch,
parents & grandparents loving & giving.

Times are better, as this year is done,
let us really enjoy this day.
Make it happy and full of fun,
birthdays are to be that way.

Birthdays come, one after the other,
and each one makes you older.
Just ask your sister & brother,
the birthday present holders.

You don’t have to fret,
they will help you play.
With all the presents you get,
they’ll put fun in every day.

So enjoy your special day,
as it is shared with everyone.
Tomorrow you’ll be on your way,
to the next number- and even more fun.


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