Spiritual Language

Vocabulary of the English language,
is a treasure chest of wealth.
The key that unlocks the chest,
is the Holy Spirit Himself.

Not only does He know all language,
but He has a special one all His own.
When you come to God in prayer,
He will make His language known.

A language we don’t understand,
but God knows every word He hears.
It brings Him honor and glory,
sweet worship & praise to His ears.

So do not hesitate to pray this way,
it glorifies God, indeed.
The same Spirit that filled the Lord,
and cares for every need.

When you pray in the Spirit,
you come before God’s very throne.
You’re worshiping,
and not alone.

His timing and His answers,
are all in His control.
The Holy Spirit whispers softly,
‘Be patient, we are told.’

There’s not a word we utter,
that God does not hear.
He knows every desire of our heart,
through all our doubts & fear.

Covered in the Blood, and filled with the Spirit,
ensures that you’re never alone.
We’re no longer buried in death,
sealed behind a rolling stone.


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