Easter Morning

Oh, what a glorious morning,
oh, what a beautiful day.
Jesus Christ is risen,
our sins have been taken away.

Salvation’s plan has come to pass,
on that old, rugged cross.
the tomb is empty, He is not there,
death defeated, Satan’s loss.

In preparation for this joyous season,
what are you going to do?
Give up chocolate, or some other treat,
or something really good for you?

40 days & 40 nights,
in the wilderness, you’ll see.
Prayer and fasting to the Father,
as Jesus prepared for ministry.

If Jesus needed His time in prayer,
how much more should we?
After all, He was the Son of God,
and like Him, we want to be.

Make yourself a better person,
by giving up a nagging sin.
Praying daily to the Lord,
and in His time, you’ll win.

So take heed in this day,
and all you will face.
You are embraced in His love,
and under His grace.

No problems too big,
or mountains too tall.
He Is Who He Is,
and in control of it all.

So put a smile on your face,
and hold your head up high.
Mount on eagles’ wings,
and soar ever so high.

The Son has risen,
He is Bold and Bright.
Darkness diminished,
by His glorious Light.


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