True Love

Oh how I believe in you,
and care and pray for you daily.
Asking the Lord in all that you do,
for wisdom, direction, and ability.

In His sight you are so precious,
His embrace is always there.
In any situation, however serious,
remembering you’re in His care.

Love that travels mile after mile,
may start as a frown but end as a smile.
Why this is so I am not sure,
but I know this is love true & pure.

And this is the love I send your way,
to brighten your world day by day.
So when you’re down and need some cheer,
remember and read what is written here.

I may not always tell you I care,
or thank you for the life we share.
I’m always short on words to say,
but I love you more, day by day.

I may not take you where you like to go,
especially the concert where I had to say no.
I miss you so when I’m away,
but I love you more, day by day.

You travel with me in my heart,
every day while we’re apart.
In all I do and in every way,
I love you more, day by day.

The family we have is because of you,
all you give and all you do.
I thank you greatly, if I may,
I love you more day by day.

Weekends work will be a tedious one,
and I’m sure we won’t have very much fun.
But we’ll go to dinner, if you pay,
I love you more, day by day.


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