Float on Like a Fog

Sometimes life just seems to go by,
and I don’t feel like I belong.
I float on by as if in a fog,
in the meaningfulness of life, I drift along.

I hear conversations, but fail to listen,
and comprehend what is being said.
I’m full of questions, that I am told,
but react as if my brain is dead.

I listen, but it doesn’t register,
and all that is said, I only hear.
But somehow, and I don’t know,
it never gets past my ear.

I ask question upon question,
about answers I should already know.
But it really doesn’t help me,
I’m stuck at the start, never hearing go.

The doctor says a physical test,
will give the answer as to why.
But I’m not so sure of that,
I take the test and finish high.

I battle just like everyone,
many points of life.
I need to be a doctor,
and remove them with a knife.

But the real way to change,
is not being a doctor.
I consider my walk with God,
as the main contributing factor.

But since God created us beings,
and supplied all we’d need.
Maybe it is a deficiency intake,
I’ll look up the nutrients and read.

Everything that God provides,
never has any lack.
All the ingredients are in the Book,
Genesis to Revelation, front to back.

Words of life for body and soul,
I need to begin to digest.
For without His Word in my life,
I will never find a rest.

Our walk is so important,
looking forward to our heavenly home.
Eternity is in the balance,
the choice is ours alone.


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