Father’s Day: My Heavenly Father

I know that I’d never win,
an award for father of the year,
because when it came to that,
I turned and ran in fear.

Just the thoughts about responsibilities,
and decisions about right & wrong,
made me wonder if this part of life,
is truly where I might belong.

I don’t know all the answers,
and have not wisdom to guide.
Unless it’s my Heavenly Father,
in whom I trust and abide.

God, the Creator of all Life,
has placed a child into my care.
I’m not alone in all I do,
I have a wife with whom I share.

When we honor our father,
we honor our one on Earth.
We thank him for being there,
as we begin to live from birth.

He is limited in what he can do,
unless He’s made the Choice.
He serves our Father up in Heaven,
through prayer and a worshiping voice.

God, the Father, is watching us,
and only He is always there.
From our first step to our last,
we are never out of His care.

God wants only the best for us,
and truly, our earthly father may.
But only God is perfect in everything,
and never changes from day to day.

So when we put our trust in Him,
and let Him be our only Source.
Our ship might hit some times of storm,
but it will never be knocked off course.

So Father, I thank you for every prayer,
offered up for me each and every night.
Because now my life is different,
I walk with my Father in light.

Even though you’ve made mistakes,
in decisions you have had to do.
I’m so glad that I am able,
to wish Happy Father’s Day to You!


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