You And Me

Love is a very special gift,
it has a quality of its own.
It gives that inner peace and sweetness,
that makes a heart a home.

Through knowledge and eyes of others,
who may paint a pretty portrait.
But the quality of the personal touch,
still manages to escape.

Through the gift of love and grace of God,
we call our mate our friend.
To share, to care, and to pray it through,
from the beginning to the end.

Many years,
may seem like forever.
In God’s eyes,
each year’s a treasure.

Somewhere during,
that span of time,
we’ve come to know,
our Saviour Devine.

And by the power,
of the Holy Ghost,
we raise our voices,
with the Heavenly Host.

And thank the Lord,
for the Word’s begun,
as He blends our two hearts,
to work as one.

Just a thoughtful,
little way,
to help you,
brighten your day.

And put a smile,
on your face,
in spite of,
this place.

A sweet-smelling,
little bouquet,
to brighten a dismal,
rainy day.

And tell you how precious,
you’ll always be.
By the burning you’ve kindled,
deep inside of me.

I love you more today,
than any day before.
And may we grow closer each day,
more and more.

And I’ll see what life can be,
together, united,
as one,
you and me.


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