Thor Returns

Thor has been very busy,
as busy as a bee.
He’s now involved in government,
the ambassador to Turkey.

He feels that he’s safe,
wherever he goes.
Only Canada celebrates Thanksgiving too,
as everybody knows.

But with a Presidential pardon,
and working for the government.
Thor feel that his future,
is as solid as cement.

But I have news for him,
a pardon can be revoked.
If the President gets upset,
and, for any reason, is provoked.

Thor is getting lonely,
so far away from home.
There are no other turkeys,
he’s distraught and all alone.

His days are very boring,
he needs a change of life.
Maybe he should come home,
and find himself a wife.

He buys himself a ticket,
that’s only good one-way.
When he gets home,
maybe he’ll want to stay.

But now his troubles begin,
because he’s abandoned the embassy.
And the FBI & CIA is looking for him,
behind every rock and tree.

Now the President is involved,
as you knew that he would be.
The President reverses his pardon,
now Thor’s life is in jeopardy.

He cannot turn to union friends,
to help out of this mess.
The day is quickly approaching,
just as you might guess.

His only hope will be to flee,
to avoid the chopping block.
His time is running short,
again, maybe he can beat the clock.

He has a friend to help him,
get out of the country soon.
And if all comes to pass,
he’ll be gone before noon.

No one told him where he was going,
they just promised to help him out.
He was glad to have some help,
and he believed without a doubt.

At least he knew he’d save his neck,
and not be someone’s dinner.
This was better than losing his head,
once again, he felt like a winner.



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