Happy Birthday: A Poem to the Poet

I’ve had a life that is full,
even being stubborn as a bull.
And being seventy-one,
it’s no longer as much fun.

Having grandchildren numbering five,
they’re the best reason to stay alive.
Their laughter and their joy,
much better than any toy.

I’ve had times on a trip,
I just couldn’t get a grip.
Travel just didn’t seem fair,
when Pennsylvania ended in Delaware.

That was so many years ago,
but still I am reminded so.
Sometimes I even get it right,
but that just wasn’t my night.

Life’s been good, even when bad,
it’s been happy even when sad.
There’s been times to shout about,
there’s been times I’ve felt left out.

But through it all, I reached this day,
how many more, I cannot say.
But whatever the Lord decides to give,
I’ll thank Him and do my best to live.

So I’ll enjoy my birthday all year through,
and remember all the things that I can’t do.
Older and weaker as the days go by,
couldn’t I get younger- tell me why!


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