Full of Thanks

Thanksgiving was a harvest celebration,
for health & an abundant crop.
But as the world changes all holidays,
harvest celebration has come to a stop.

What are we really thankful for?
We should give thanks everyday.
How do we count every blessing,
in everything & in every way?

The world calls it “Turkey Day,”
and football takes center stage.
But is that all we are thankful for?
Listen, while I turn the page.

The Friday after Thanksgiving,
has become one of the biggest of the year.
Black Friday begins Christmas shopping,
& manufacturers wait in fear.

They want the day to show promise,
and not end up in the red.
They are only concerned with profits,
with a Christmas season ahead.

But still, I return to the reason,
we celebrate Thanksgiving day.
God is rich in mercy & grace,
what more do I need to say?

A day of celebration with family & friends,
the blessings we are able to share.
Because God provides everything we need,
when we live & abide in his care.

Let’s forget about Black Friday,
and concentrate on the day at hand.
Thank the Lord for the blessings we have,
all across this wonderful land.


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