The Importance of Prayer

The alarm clock goes off and what’s the use,
I’m tired, but a voice says, “That’s no excuse.”
It’s time to get up and begin a new day,
so down on your knees and begin to pray.

Refreshing the Lord within my heart,
asking for strength to do my part.
In all of life’s stormy weather,
with the Lord at my side, We do it together.

Pour forth your Spirit, Almighty God we pray,
that I may be touched in my soul today.
I need His guidance in all that I do,
that in everything, I may glorify You.

For it’s only by Your love and power,
that We have each cherished hour.
So let’s not waste a moment more,
Pour, sweet Spirit, pour.

You are the Lord of lords and King of kings,
Lord, You are my everything.
Without You Lord, I don’t exist,
help me Lord, to not resist.

You are to me the Source of Life,
You are the Blessing I find within my wife.
You are the Steadfast Help in a time of need,
You are the Eternal Hope in Whom I feed.

As I walk in the valley ever so low,
I trust in the Lord wherever I go.
Surrounded on each side by walls of land,
covered in time by God’s own hand.

A valley so humble and truly unique,
a place of solace, a glorious retreat.
So Lord, always keep me in Your care,
and one day in eternity, I will be there.


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