Starting Over (United in Life)

War is something that seems to never end,
the former is easy to fight and defend.
Open battle, or deep within,
the latter tears your heart, you can’t win.

You hope to outgrow all your trouble and strife,
as you stand shoulder to shoulder, united in life.
But still the war will never be won,
because I stand still, one and one.

I have so much hidden and buried inside,
those parts of life I need to hide.
Those embarrassing moments I don’t want known,
that personality that’s strictly my own.

The character traits that make me unique,
but others may view them and call me weak.
I put up a front of what people can expect,
and live a life of stolen respect.

No one knows the real person you are,
you present your life on even par.
No one knows the hurt that tears you apart,
each day weakening more of your heart.

You yell and scream for someone to hear,
hoping against hope because of the fear.
That one day you may have to remove the wall,
and on that day, experience the fall.

I sit and cry, alone in my tears,
but life hasn’t changed through the years.
Change must come by God’s mercy and grace,
or I’ll never get to see his shining face.

I have to surrender and give up my whole,
and remember that it’s God who’s in control.
Everything He does works out for good,
and in His holiness, it surely would.

He would never go against my free will,
He payed my ransom on Calvary’s Hill.
Now the Holy Spirit can live and abide,
I have no reason to continue to hide.

“So Lord,” I ask, “and continue to pray,
help, so my choices are the Way.
Take my life from this moment on,
let my past be forgiven and gone.”

Praise and worship to my Lord and King,
“You are my purpose for everything.
Lord, I surrender, renew my heart,
from this day forward, a brand new start.”


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