Life is Precious & God is Good

This poem is dedicated to my nephew, Jeffrey, who is currently in the hospital.

I have to relate,
a true experience.
How life is real,
in every sense.

We sometimes forget,
God is in control.
There isn’t anything,
He doesn’t hold.

My nephew was figuratively,
the walking dead.
That’s the statement,
the doctors all said.

His medical numbers,
were off the chart.
But through it all,
God held his heart.

They could not believe,
he was still alive.
But from Patchogue to Riverhead*,
he did drive.

He was doing things,
which couldn’t be done.
Making decisions,
amazing everyone.

But we know the reason,
and the doctors had a part.
But Gods loving Hands,
held on to his heart.

Little by little,
his life was changing.
And God was causing,
the rearranging.

Without GOD in the picture,
you’d be expecting the worst.
But GOD was moving Jeffrey,
from last to first.

*The Village of Patchogue & the Town of Riverhead are both located on Long Island, New York, about an hour east of New York City.


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