Happy Mothers Day!

To the Mother of our two children,
both mothers of their own.
May the joys of motherhood always bring,
peace & love so you’re never alone.

What a treasure is each blessed gift,
coming down from the Father above.
Trusted by the One that knows your heart,
to nurture, care, & raise with love.

Every Mother is special & unique,
and equipped with a different trait.
God chose you because He knows you best,
and knows you are a Mother with faith.

You allow the Holy Spirit to flow,
you faithfully lift your children in prayer.
Everything they face in life,
you always try to be there.

You cared for family in more ways than one,
a loving mother & devoted wife.
You gave to everyone: so, so much,
putting family first in your life.

So for this Mothers Day,
may God bless and honor you.
Reward your heart of faithfulness,
in everything you do.


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